New swim shop opens

As of last Thursday, Irwin's newest store has been open for business. This store, The Swim Shop, fills a hole in the local economy. Previous to the opening of The Swim Shop, there were no pool equipment and swim gear and apparel stores for miles around. As the owner of the shop,

Iyla V. Toswym said,As long as I can remember, I felt most at home in the pool ... and since the closest swim retail shop was miles away, I decided to open one myself! And after a year full of trial and error, she was finally able to open which had been her goal all along.

About Iyla V. Toswym

Iyla is a self-declared swim nut. She claims that there is nothing more frustrating than traveling for a half hour in the car to go try on excruciatingly tight suits, only to leave empty handed, or with only a new cap. Not that a new cap isn't exciting, it is just most definately not what we came for!While Iyla is entering her 60's, and is long past her competitive swimming days, she still has fond memories of her old team. One of her most distinct memories, she claims, is this one day, when we were doing a particularly hard set. Nobody, I don't think, even knew what we were doing! We were just swimming. Six laps, twelve laps, and then back to six. Sprint the first two laps, easy the next two, and then some complicated drill the rest of the way. We all thought we were doing it right, but then Coach come over and starts yelling at us.